Atlanta: TV’s Newest Gem (9/9/2016)

(Review Contains Spoilers) 

The new television series Atlanta premiere aired on FX Tuesday night starring actor and famed rapper Childish Gambino. Within the two-part series premiere, we are ushered into the world of hustling and dreams customarily captured in the hearts of many aspiring rappers and performers dwelling in the city of Atlanta. The overall feel of the show resembles the styling of the 2006 urban cult classic similarly titled ATL.

When Earn Marks (Childish Gambino) sees his cousin Alfred Miles, also known as Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), has a chance at a successful rap career and album, he takes off in search of him. He ultimately hopes to regain his connection and possibly land him in the money he desperately needs to provide for his child. His cousin, Paper Boi, is reluctant because of their disconnect after a close family member passing but decides to allow Earn to manage him.

However, Earn felt his world was finally turning for the better until Paper Boi decides to take matters into his own hands after a damaging incident with his car. Both guys find themselves thrown in jail and are left there to reflect on personal change and prison’s social climates. Earn is later bailed out of jail by his child’s mother, Van (Zazie Beetz), who initially entrusted his assistance in watching their young daughter.

Atlanta provides an interesting take on social issues that currently plague us as a society and show layers to the lives of those just trying to chase the American dream. From the gritty cinematography to the infectious musical selection peppered throughout the show, Atlanta will be a show on Tuesday nights that will leave you consciously thinking and thoroughly entertained. Atlanta is tapped to air 10 episodes this season. Catch it on FX every Tuesday night at 10/9c.