Acrimony: The New Film That Explores the Consequences of Living Resentfully (Partial Spoilers) (4/2/2018)

What happens when you’ve invested in something or someone, and that person or idea doesn’t yield the results you expected it would? That ROI doesn’t measure up, and you’re stuck with the consequences. On March 30th, Tyler Perry sought to answer and explore that scenario with his latest film release, Acrimony. Backed by stars that have been featured in various Tyler Perry productions and featuring Hollywood’s beloved diva on the hit show Empire, Taraji P. Henson, the cast expertly acted out the realities of what happens when time, chance, and opportunity pass on separate timeframes.

Laced with domestic situations that many women and men could relate to, Acrimony comes to light at a very pivotal time where relationships and gender roles have swiftly shifted in America. With the inclusion of women’s rights and upward mobility in the work world, Acrimony shows how some couples fall into the trappings of not being emotional and physically supportive when it is required in life. Although the movie was entirely based on the lead character’s perspective, it could quickly be followed and supported by any character. I also feel that Perry’s intention with the film was to create a conversation about these types of issues in relationships and mental illnesses that alarmingly go untreated and ignored in the black community.

In the end, as the movie progresses, the audience is taken for an emotional rollercoaster ride that makes it hard to side entirely with one person. Both characters had their flaws, and both characters were equally to blame. The film misses a few key elements that weren’t addressed towards the film’s ending. But, it was a cinematic change for Perry in that Acrimony was his second thriller-based film released and was, for the most part, devoid of a very heavily based religious and spiritual reference. I’d also like to note that this was Perry’s second Rated R film in over eight years. Overall, I enjoyed the cinematic experience of Acrimony over the Easter weekend. I would recommend seeing this movie with a friend or significant other so that you have someone to bounce commentary and dialogue. If you haven’t seen the film and you are due for an excellent psychological thriller, then Acrimony is the movie just for you.

Overall Rating: 4/5