GIANTS Equals Millennial Trials and Triumphs Personified (4/7/2018)

There have been many articles, research papers, and media reports on various aspects of the millennial generation. Some of them have been praising our diverseness in both mindset and ethnicity. In contrast, others have been critical of perceived characteristics that most feel are befitting of an entire generation that does not paint a positive picture or outcome of our lives.

Many media platforms have focused on the millennial generation, that it wasn’t until this year that the millennial age was finally defined as persons born between 1980-1996. Despite the love/hate relationship, many have toward millennials in and out of their lives, there’s no denying the millennial influence. Millennials have bared witness to some of the world’s most tragic moments to the most triumphant. And for those labeled in society as minorities, GIANTS exceptionally portrays that influence, undying passion, and the all too real story of the millennial existence in today’s world.

There are several reasons why I absolutely adore this program, aside from its beautifully written and portrayed storylines. GIANTS is one of the newer programs that directly reach the millennial audience. Since millennials around the nation have decided that they no longer wanted to be slaves to the world’s unrelenting cable television bills, GIANTS is the series for you if you are apart of the cord-cutting millennial trend. So, in essence, you feel like you are the hippest person at the water cooler by knowing about a YouTube-based series that’s becoming more recognized by the day.

GIANTS also has expanded its time format to that of a regular television series. After the premiere season in 2017, GIANTS, backed by the support of Issa Rae, Jussie Smollett (Empire), and the audience funding option for more show content like GIANTS, it has essentially become a 30-minute special request to its loyal viewers. Often in traditional television series, the audience doesn’t have that much visual influence on the show. But for GIANTS, you see and experience it immediately.

Each week on Wednesdays, the audience is engaged in various topics affecting millennials and everyone, such as dealing with job loss to sexuality. The three main characters in the series take us through their journey from living in a tiny apartment together to their personal triumphs and failures. Ade, Journee, and Malachi face many obstacles that are often substantial enough to take them under for good. But they have managed to persevere.

Each week and season, we see the characters evolve, but we also see the characters struggle with hard spiritual decisions. Malachi keeps running from the true calling in his life. Journee consistently tries to escape the mental trappings of having an emotional disorder and how it’s currently affecting her life. Ade doesn’t want to fully embrace his feelings of being gay and openly free among his friends and loved ones.

The GIANTS series is genuinely gripping, and I don’t want to give too much away. So instead, check them out on YouTube under the Issa Rae Presents: GIANTS videos. After all, what other reasons do you need to watch it? The show is outstanding and is being highly regarded as such due to the accolades the cast and crew have received and the fact that the cast just recently celebrated 2 million views on YouTube. So go ahead and follow the video posted below. I was nice enough to take out the search for it for you!