Ocean’s 8 Review (7/4/2018)

If Beyonce’s song Run The World were personified in a feature-length film, Oceans 8 would be the perfect fit. Featuring a host of celebrities and entertainers well known and revered in the fashion world and high-profile acting from Sandra Bullock to international pop star Rihanna, Oceans 8 delivered the perfect all-girls ensemble heist film for summer 2018.

Based on the popular franchise series that featured the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Oceans 8 picks up with Debbie Ocean seeking revenge for being put behind bars for a little over five years. With a risky masterplan of robbing the most extravagant fashion event of the year, The Met Ball, Bullock devises an almost foolproof team of women who can masterfully accomplish the mission. Throughout the film, Debbie’s motivation for committing the heist changes between carrying on her brother’s legacy and gaining revenge on the person that got her sent away.

Since the film’s release, the movie has amassed more than $100 million at the box office both domestically and internationally. Overall, the movie is a beautiful summer film to watch and enjoy a movie date. Due to the nature of the film’s subject matter and some of the movie’s language, I would not recommend taking the family to see this film.