Night School: The Hilariously Funny Lesson About Life (10/02/2018)

This past weekend, the movie Night School hit theaters nationwide, and it was without question going to be a successful beginning of the Fall movie season. With an opening weekend of about $28 million, Night School shot up past the other movie contenders to take the number 1 spot in American film.

The biggest thing about the movie, besides the top-grossing comedians in entertainment right now, was the lesson that was craftily woven between the movie’s overarching plot. If you haven’t seen Night School, then I would suggest stopping right here. But if you have seen the comedy, then you realize that the biggest lesson that the movie sold was the lesson of taking advantage of second opportunities.

Many times in life, opportunities and chances come around once. If you’re wise, you will notice the opportunity and its relevance and do the best you can humanly do. But sadly, there are times in life when a person’s youth, inexperience, and poor judgment outweigh those experiences, and you find yourself wishing and hoping for a second chance in hindsight.

With the help of a caring and highly passionate teacher played by Tiffany Haddish, a group of unlikely friends, and the dubious motivation from an old high school rival, Teddy, portrayed by Kevin Hart, finds himself on the emotional and self-discovery journey of a lifetime. Throughout the trip, Teddy finds himself facing life’s uncomfortable truths, and in the end, he celebrates with success.

In all, despite the movie’s hilarious moments and laughable scenes, I appreciate Night School for its lesson and self-reflective themes. Laughing at comedy is one thing but learning lessons while laughing is a perfect nod to classic cinema and learning to live and thrive among life’s twists and turns. I even think it would be apropos to state that class is officially dismissed.