Gillette Commercial and America’s Take on Masculinity (1/20/19)

This past week, Gillette debuted its newest ad campaign that tackled what many people consider toxic masculinity in our society. Once I viewed the ad, my only question was when will other companies follow suit with creating more responsible and socially correct content? I thought it was very fitting for the social climate and undertones that we presently face in both societies and the media. Did I expect the backlash that was given towards it? Yes. Why? Because nothing that addresses social correctness or being morally right is every taken quickly.

It takes a strong person to address the wrongs in the world. And it takes a more substantially strong company to address those wrongs while having products that are explicitly geared towards a group of people that are presently labeled in society as contributing to some of the injustices of our nation and world. Check the commercial out below. Do you think Gillette hit the mark, or do you think they were taking advantage of a sensitive time in media and politics?