Brandy Came Back Like She Never Left! (10/7/2020)

This cover art image of the album B7 was used from The artist behind this lovely art is Derek Blanks.

It’s been about three months since she released her seventh studio album, and it’s as if she never left us! However, it’s not surprising because of her talent and her knack for creating songs that allow you to reach a different awareness and awakening level. What is essential to know is that she made all of the right moves, both personally and professionally, to bring us such a gem as B7.

After an 8-year hiatus from the music industry, Brandy presented her leading single from the project as Baby Mama feat. Chance the Rapper. The ode was a fun and inspiring anthem that celebrates the countless women really doing it for themselves and their families. But it wasn’t until I heard her follow up single, Borderline, that I knew I was hooked just like old times.

Having been a Brandy fan since her days of Moesha, her Barbie doll (which I own two of), and her first album, it was pleasantly surprising to hear her famous tone and melodies return with such zest and divineness. Affectionately called the “Vocal Bible” by her industry peers and Stars (fans), B7 lives up to that title and more.

Given everything that has happened in 2020, B7 was a much-needed project to take our thoughts away from the world’s current burdens. With B7, you get the entire experience of life regarding relationships, failures, and triumphs. In the end, you realize that she has reached the courage to move away from troubles that plagued her and move forward. Perhaps, it is also this moment that you recognize that B7 represents the culmination of maturity and wisdom Brandy herself has experienced.

Within 8 years, Brandy experienced career and personal highs as well as lows. She accomplished lifelong dreams and also experienced losses. But much like the experience of life, Brandy shares her story in a way that is audibly amazing and emotionally inspiring. As I listened to her album, I honestly can say that I had a connection with just about every song that she selected to encompass the audible gem. With that in mind, I write this as not a review, but as an appreciation and reflection. Check my take and interpretations on each track below.

  1. Saving All My Love- First reaction: This piano and beat is everything! Overall response: As I listened to the words, I realized that this song responded to her years and experiences in the industry. I felt the music was honest, and she kept it real. And it was also cool to hear her send a tribute shout out to her musical inspiration and muse: Whitney Houston.
  2. Unconditional Oceans- I enjoyed the musical technicality of this song. I also enjoyed the lightness of her voice on this track. Regarding the lyrics, I interpreted a theme that represented a longing for understanding and experiencing a kindred relationship with someone that allowed her to be open and free.
  3. Rather Be- I’ve heard musings around the “interweb streets” that everyone calls this a “Brandy” song. Well, I must say I concur! This is the type of music that only she could sing. The tone and vibe of her vocal efforts on this song are everything, and it’s just sexy. You can’t have a better combination. I really enjoyed the break down at the end of the track as well.
  4. All My Life, Pt. 1-The music in this first interlude was very soothing and ethereal. It also piqued my interest in wanting to hear more of this type of vibe.
  5. Lucid Dreams- Her voice is so velvety on this track. I also want to note that her pen game at this point in the album is sending me. I love hearing music that allows me to create a mini-music video visual or scene in my mind. And this is actually one of those songs that are perfect for that moment. Overall, what’s great about this song is that it is the ideal set-up before getting to her next track, which is just profoundly and hauntingly beautiful.
  6. Borderline- So, we got the opportunity to get visuals for this track, and they are beyond beautiful. I’m glad this was selected as the second single from the project. It’s the type of song that you don’t really hear on the radio, but it deserves to be there. The emotion and depiction of her inner turmoil are tangible. Plus, it’s always a treat to experience actress Brandy. This song is what I call another example of a “Brandy” song. No one…and I mean no one could body this song like she did. This is yet another example of why she’s coined as the Vocal Bible! Absolutely GOAT! On 10/7/2020, she shared on Instagram “For Your Consideration” post to the Grammy’s for this track and the album. She really deserves it!
  7. No Tomorrow- This song is so much fun! I really want this to be a single as well. But if not, it’s definitely a fan favorite. Again, I can visualize the happiness and lightness of this track. I really appreciated the tone and mood shift from her previous ballad as well.
  8. Say Something- The music and beat in this song were also everything. I want to personally say that I connected a lot with this track. Chile… based on past relationships that I’ve experienced; this is the literal soundtrack to my life.
  9. All My Life, Pt. 2- Once again, this is another ethereal experience that left me wanting more.
  10. I Am More- First reaction: YAASS Guitar! Overall response: I genuinely love her pen game! The stories she’s telling on this album are so relatable and honest. As women, we are REALLY more than what we sometimes settle for when it comes to relationships, both platonic and romantic. Kudos, Brandy, for reminding and reaffirming this. Also, I heart the rap and the falsetto on this track.
  11. High Heels feat. Sy’Rai- I probably smiled the entire time this song is on! Which mother/ daughter duo do you know that can sound so perfect together? I love their voices and how they blend on this track. It’s a beautiful introduction to what is only evident that will continue with Sy’Rai’s career, and I can’t wait to see what else they complete together. And last but not least, hey, B Rocka! 😉
  12. Baby Mama feat. Chance the Rapper- The video to this track is AMAZING! So beautiful and bright! As a video production enthusiast and avid visual arts lover, I couldn’t stop watching this video. My daughter, who’s 3 going on 4 in December, absolutely loves this song and this track’s visuals. It’s safe to say that she is a Brandy fan now because she’s always asking to hear this song and see the video as well. As a single mother, I am very appreciative of Brandy, creating this empowering ode.
  13. All My Life, Pt. 3- Please see the response to the last interlude.
  14. Love Again feat. Daniel Caesar-This was a great addition to this album considering the subjects featured on the track. And it’s still just as saucy as it was when it was released in July 2019. I really hope to hear more work from both of them together.
  15. Bye Bipolar- As the last song on her project, I will say that she didn’t have to snatch my edges like this! Without getting too personal, this song right here…my goodness! It makes me wonder if she was listening to my thoughts. I literally went, “She is me, and I am her.” This song made me feel like I was in one of those night clubs where you listen to a spoken word artist, and you start snapping at the words and their performance for applause.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, you can see my appreciation for B7 and the incomparable Brandy. My one and only complaint are that the album wasn’t long enough! 45 minutes and 49 seconds is just not enough for a Brandy album. Brandy, if you happen to read this article, I need a deluxe edition of B7 stat!