Hidden Singles Edition 2: Songs that Should Have Been Released from the In A Perfect World Album

Welcome back to my series post-Hidden Singles! If you missed the last post, you could check it right here. Today, I’m going to take it back to an album from 2009. It was called In A Perfect World and was the debut studio album for singer/songwriter Keri Hilson who was affectionately known as Ms. Keri Baby after her hypnotic single with Lil Wayne called Turnin Me On landed across the airwaves. In A Perfect World hit the stores and streaming services on March 24, 2009. It debuted at number 4 and peaked at number 1 on the Billboard 100 charts on April 10, 2009, where it spent 66 weeks.

The road to In A Perfect World was anything but perfect. From single and production setbacks and release date changes, Keri persevered and finally got the opportunity to present herself to the world as a solo artist. Before the release of this album, Ms. Keri had worked with numerous artists and producers, producing songs and participating in features for some of R&B and Pop music’s most famous acts.

What’s most interesting about In A Perfect World is that it yielded six singles with a single release internationally. But despite the success of some of the singles chosen for the album, there were still some hidden tracks that I felt were better choices. The first hidden single from the album is a song called Intuition.


Intuition is a beautiful blend of world music styles and hip/hop. Produced by legendary music producer Timbaland and composed by Timbaland and Keri, Intuition was heavily slept on. The vocal arrangements and the song’s vibe instantly make it a classic that could still knock on the radio today. When I first heard this album back in 2009, I remember this was immediately a song that I kept on repeat. If you’ve never listened to the track or if you want to be reacquainted with it, check it out here.

Tell Him the Truth

Tell Him the Truth is a slow-tempo soulful ballad that could have set anyone in the mood to purge their emotions. But aside from the subject matter of being remorseful about a relationship’s outcome, Tell Him the Truth would have been a great addition to the airwaves. The song was produced by Danja and was composed by N. Hills, Keri, and M. Araica. In this song, we get a chance to see Keri’s range of emotion throughout the project. For the most part, In A Perfect World contained a lot of heavy beats and synthesized sounds. But the rhythms, sounds, and tone of Keri’s vocals over the tracks made the album work and landed it in the Contemporary R&B album classics. Check out Tell Him the Truth here if you haven’t.

Well, that concludes another Hidden Singles: Songs That Should Have Been Released post. Check back soon for the next edition, where I feature the hidden single picks from another classic Brandy album called Full Moon. #HappyStreaming

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