2020: A Look Back (12/31/2020)

2020 will go in the history books as being a highly documented and trying year. With such high hopes, aspirations, and inspirations for what 2020 had in store on December 31, 2019, many people had dubbed this year as the year for perfect vision and a year of dreams coming true.

However, the nod to the optometrist vision scale took on an entirely different meaning when tragedy after tragedy began to rock the world this year. Perhaps looking in hindsight, 2020 was indeed the year of clarity. Many things became more evident, whether good or bad, and it forced everyone to reevaluate and assess their relationships and what truly mattered the most.

Aside from the despair and devastation of the misguided actions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 will be known for a lot. However, it’s important to note that the lives lost to COVID-19 should have been prevented. So to make their legacies not in vain, we must press forward and do better after the pain.

The death toll that became a grim reminder that life is short and that we are on a mortal timeline was at best overwhelming. However, the tragedy and the loss of life and loved ones should make everyone reconsider how we treat one another and how we live our lives. With the new year upon us, it’s important to reflect and also look ahead to reset.

Like a line plucked from literature, 2020 placed the perspective of cherishing your loved ones and utilizing the gifts and contributions that we have been placed on this Earth to fulfill. Everything and everyone that we encounter in our lives serve a purpose. Whether known or unknown, 2020 showed us that the bond of human compassion and human companionship is crucial to our survival and our mental and spiritual health.

Even for just a moment, when the world stopped, the animals even took advantage to recuperate from humans’ inactivity. Plants and air quality had improved beyond what had become the norm for several decades in just a few short weeks of quarantine. I know that the world will probably never stop like that ever again, or at least during my lifetime, but we should consider showing more care to our planet in the future. After all, we are not on this planet by ourselves. We must share our spaces with the fur and aquatic friends of the world as well.

As I look back at the other aspects of 2020 that make it memorable, I must say that I am pleased with the rekindling of relationships that I have had the opportunity to witness. From celebrities to local figures, 2020 brought the world closer together despite the ban and social distancing required to survive during the pandemic. 2020 had also provided the perfect uncovering of equalizing when it came to showcasing that we are all equal in certain aspects of life.

Although social equality will likely continue to be an issue in this country due to the fabric of the nation’s founding and racism, the events that occurred in 2020 showed us that it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. Old or young. Without life and health, our lives and abilities can not acquire freedom and justice without making critical changes and taking inventory of our actions.

With the lessons and experiences revealed and received this year, in 2021, what will you do differently to either reset or regroup your life’s journey? I plan to live more in the moment, be honest with myself and others and journal my experiences so that by next year when I reflect on the year, I will have an accurate gauge of how far I came to accomplishing my goals.

Also, I plan to dream more vividly and more out loud. I’m a firm believer in your dreams being the gifts and thoughts planted inside you for reasons beyond our reasoning. So, may 2021 be the year to discover or rediscover your purpose and reach to communities and the world around you.