Month: January 2021

  • Reflection from the 59th Inauguration (1/21/2021)

    The time is currently 11:39 am as I type this. It’s been officially an entire 24 hours since I and the world got to see history in the making at the 59th Inauguration of the United States. This time yesterday, millions of people watched in excitement, wonder, and understandable relief as President Elect-Joe Biden and […]

  • The Grammys: It’s Time for Serious Change (1/21/2021)

    Throughout history, award shows have been the source of entertainment and celebration of the arts, talent, and creators behind our favorite music, television series’ and films. However, with that excitement comes the stark reality that not all shows, movies, and performers are given the opportunity to be highlighted, featured, or considered. Year after year, the […]

  • Michael Ealy Discusses New Film, ‘Fatale’ & Why What Happened At The Capitol Doesn’t Surprise Him — Hot 107.9 – Hot Spot ATL

    Michael Ealy is back with a brand new movie, ‘Fatale’. After a wild one-night stand, a successful sports agent watches his perfect life slowly disappear when he discovers the sexy and mysterious woman he risked everything for is a determined police detective who entangles him in her latest investigation. He talks about the film and… Michael […]

  • Self Care and Mental Wellness in 2021 (1/10/2021)

    Good evening, morning, or afternoon depending on wherever you are in the world reading this post. I usually post media and film-related content. Still, I thought I would deviate for a moment and mention that I believe it’s time for everyone to consider the importance of self-care and mental health this year. This past week, […]

  • Keyshia Cole & Ashanti Vs Postponed Again…

    Even though I know people wanted to experience them being in person, this is actually safer and a nod back to what the Verzuz Brand actually crafted. It was originally in this format because of the world health crisis. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Keyshia Cole & Ashanti Vs Postponed Again…

  • Classic TV Rewind: A Review of TV Show Reboots (1/4/2021)

    Happy New Year! We have finally arrived in 2021, and the anticipation of what the year will bring is ever-present. With the turn of the year, many things will be created or begin anew. Keeping this in mind, Hollywood and various media and content creators will be vying for audiences’ attention in multiple ways this […]

  • Lizzo Appreciation Post: Thank You For Showing The World That Woman Can Be Big, Sexy, And Healthy — HelloBeautiful

    Source: Amy Sussman/BBMA2020 / Getty Big girls been sexy. Unfortunately no one noticed until Lizzo stepped on the scene. The singer’s unapologetic confidence made a lot of people uncomfortable this year. She’s had to defend her right to twerk, wear a thong, or simply feel sexy just because she’s a plus size woman. Truth be… Lizzo […]

  • 10 Practical New Year’s Resolutions To Make & Keep This Year — HelloBeautiful

    Many people are prone to being cynical about New Year’s resolutions. But really, if you’ve ever successfully completed your resolutions, you know that the key to making good ones is practicality, discipline, resolve, and taking it one day at a time. Here are a few practical resolutions to make, which will simplify and improve the… 10 […]