Self Care and Mental Wellness in 2021 (1/10/2021)

Good evening, morning, or afternoon depending on wherever you are in the world reading this post. I usually post media and film-related content. Still, I thought I would deviate for a moment and mention that I believe it’s time for everyone to consider the importance of self-care and mental health this year. This past week, everyone around the world saw what took place at the nation’s capital. It would be untrue to say that the publicized events did not affect you and those around you. Regardless of however you reacted, the acts of violence and hatred on full display on January 6, 2021, across all media platforms triggered a harsh and glaring reality for many. And because of that, I believe that as a person with a blog, I have to provide helpful content.

Personally, last year, I began listening to sermons and podcasts as a daily activity in the background at my job and at home. The messages and words of encouragement that each platform brought alongside journaling helped me through the trials and trauma of 2020. So, as a helpful measure, I would like to share some resources to help guide you into a more spiritually, mentally, and emotionally healthy direction this year. Remember, its nothing wrong with seeking help or wanting to create a healthier lifestyle and environment. Despite the stigmas often associated with mental health, especially in minority communities, your mental health is just as important as any other health regimen in your life. Our minds and our thoughts are the drivers of our actions. So, the driver must be well-rested and well taken care of so that our paths and directions can continue inspiring and uplifting our purposes.

A Few Resources That Could Be Helpful:

Center for Disease and Control and Prevention

Mental Health Tools and Resources

Mental Health Matters

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Self Care Apps

Mental Health Podcasts

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