Episode 2: ENVY A Review (4/18/2021)

“Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.”Galatians 5:26

Last night, the second series movie, a part of the A Seven Deadly Sins Story series, premiered on Lifetime. This movie centered around the deadly sin of ENVY. The story followed a young woman, Keisha (Serayah) that has had a hard life living with her mother Daisy, that spent the bulk of her existence as a hustler. After Daisy’s passing, Keisha makes it a point to reach back into a part of her life that mainly was never discussed. Hidden between the pages of a well-worn bible contained the contact information to a trucking company called Elijah Trucking.

Devising a plan with the help of her boyfriend, portrayed by DC Young Fly, she enters the lives of her long-lost sister, Gabrielle (Rose Rollins), her family, and most importantly, her father Elijah (Gregory Alan Williams). Keisha’s intents sway as she struggles between wanting the scam, steal and eventually attempt to overtake her sister’s life versus actually receiving the familial love that she had longed for since she was a young girl.

Other notable experiences in the movie include Kandi Burruss, Da Brat, Hosea Chanchez, and Clifton Powell, who starred in the previous film LUST. Gabrielle’s closest confidants and family begin to question her authenticity along with Keisha’s motives as the movie takes twists and turns to showcase the danger of having an envious spirit. But Keisha’s desire to become and overtake the thrown of her sister’s life comes at a high price that takes on her the emotional ride she never expected to experience.

Overall, I can happily say that ENVY was another great installment in this series. A few points I want to review that stood out to me were the Arkansas reference, locale, and the overall performances of the lead and supporting characters. As an Arkansan, it was pretty funny to see the state referenced in the movie. Although the town was fictional, I appreciated the highlight. I also appreciated the fact that the accents were not exaggerated!

Time and time again, I have watched movies that supposedly have characters from Arkansas or the south, and they are generally depicted with a very noticeable drawl. Not denying that in some areas of the south and even in Arkansas, this does exist. However, just like anywhere else in the world, accents, personalities, and lifestyles vary here. The locale presented in the area was as authentic as possible, and I enjoyed seeing familiar references. I feel that Serayah did an incredible job of portraying the envious sister Keisha in the movie. Her devious manners and interaction helped drive the film and appear believable without it being over the top.

So, now that both films have aired, it’s time to do our part. If you haven’t seen ENVY, please check your local listings for additional airtimes. I’m confident that the other movies within the series will be produced but, it will become an actual reality with visible and virtual support.