For Your Information: History and Facts on Juneteenth (6-16-2021)

Juneteenth Graphic made using Canva

Juneteenth is just three days away and if you didn’t know about the holiday, check out these very informative videos on the special day and occasion below! Although the Juneteenth celebration has been around for quite sometime, it’s observance has had a slower spread across the United States over the years.

Credit: Youtube-Vox- Juneteenth Celebration

Nationally it is celebrated in 47 US states and the District of Columbia. But as recently as this year, this week actually, a Senate Bill was passed to make Juneteenth one step closer to being recognized as a federal holiday. The following states have currently recognized Juneteenth as an official state holiday:

  • Texas (since 1980)
  • Massachusetts (since 2007)
  • New York (since 2020)
  • Virginia (since 2020)
  • Washington (recently as of 2021)
  • Oregon (recently as of 2021)

The status of the House vote and the Oval Office signature are currently pending as of 6/16/2021 but it seems highly likely that it will pass through both and will officially become the 11th national holiday observed in the United States.

Credit:Youtube-ACTV-History of Juneteenth