It’s Time to Reflect, Replenish and Reconnect…(9/1/2021)

September is Self Improvement Month!

Well, here we are! The year is nearing the fourth quarter and we’ve officially reached the 9 month! September marks the beginning of alot of seasonal changes and one change that should be prioritized should be yourself.

Since the end of 2019, the world has experienced unimaginable shifts. With today starting a new month, it’s time to reflect, replenish and reconnect emotionally, spiritually and physically. September is known as National Improvement Month, and given that all the world has experienced with loss, it’s time to reestablish that loss doesn’t always have to support negative outcomes.

Everyone has a different way of coping with change, so I won’t suggest committing to a new journey this month that’s far beyond your comfort zone. But I will suggest that for September and the rest of the year, find and discover the new you in whatever capacity that occupies.

Fall season is before us and let’s make it a new practice to fall into a new habit of self improvement. So, whatever you put off last month or have been putting off all year, pick it up and begin anew!