All Hail the Queens! Premiere and Prediction Part 1 (10/19/2021)

The premiere day has finally arrived! For months, music and TV fans have waited patiently for the premiere of ABC show Queens since its initial announcement this past Spring. Queens is a show that features a popular 90s girl group that, after 20 years, has an unexpected second chance at the life and experiences that seemed likely to be gone forever. When the group discovers their new resurgence into the music scene thanks to a new upcoming rapper sampling their song, old feelings and aspirations are pulled to the surface.

So, with all that said, I’m highly intrigued by all of the storyline and characters development we will get to see this season. Based on the episode titles from for the first few episodes, I will confidently predict that this show will be coming back for a second season and beyond!

With all of the possibilities and potential for their characters, I would like to throw out some predictions. Since I have limited knowledge of the episode plot, besides critic reviews and synopses, which have been all positive, I will make a small prediction this week.

We learn that the group changes its name from the Nasty B**ches to Queens from several reviews. Of course, this will represent their natural evolution and growth as women removed from their early 20s-mid 20s rebellious persona. As the group evolves, the women might want to change their individual names as part of the evolution. Here are my predictions/suggestions:

Name Change Predictions:

Professor Sex-Tenured Queen (Thought I’d keep up the Higher Ed reference. This name would denote that she has a permanent spot in the music scene once again!)
Xplcit Lyrics- Naomi, the Lyricist
Jill Da’ Thrill-Queen Jilly
Butter Pecan-Queen Flava

Although I’m not sure if this will happen, it was fun to imagine this being a character plot point for each Queen this season! Tune in to ABC tonight at 10/9c!

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