Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (11/2/2021)

Well! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! It’s Queens Day! So, the past two episodes have aired, both packed with so much drama! I love everything about this show, from the music and fashion to, of course, the storylines. So, I thought it would be fun to share some predictions regarding our girls and their highly complex lives ahead of tonight’s episode three. Check it out below! Also, after my post, check out the newest song released by the Queens titled, Girls Gonna Run That as well!

Let’s begin with our girl Brianna aka Professor Sex.

Early in the season, we saw her go through a myriad of emotions due to her husband’s infidelity. Further complicating the situation was her husband Jeff’s cancer diagnosis and much-needed brain surgery. In having the escape of performing with her old-time bandmates, she’s been forced to process the life she’s known for 16+ years versus the life she walked away from when the group disbanded. In episode 2, we saw her husband’s operation go on without issues, but we also noticed that he attempted to pretend that he didn’t remember ever participating in an affair. (Sidenote: Why does this happen? Why sit there and act like the Jedi-mind trick will work?)

Based on the scene preview for tonight’s show that has been shared from the show’s social media account, Brianna confronts him and states she is seeking divorce council. He, of course, is surprised by the gesture and expresses remorse. (Side note: Still not buying it.) I believe that Brianna is in for a real doozy with this one because 1.) They share five children between them. 2). He appears to have only made it this far into his career based on the prodding and coaching of Brianna. 3.) He knows that his life is not going to excel without her assistance, livelihood, and brand.

During the conversation, Brianna shared that she gave up a lot, including her educational aspirations for his dreams and goals. (Sidenote: This was so painfully reflective for me. However, it’s a conversation that needs to be shared collectively on television and in marriage discussions in general because this sentiment goes both ways.)

As the season continues, I think we will witness Brianna shift many times because she’s naturally putting her children and their needs first. But she’s also rediscovering her worth as a woman and talented performer. I predict Briana will continue with the divorce, but it will be a battle beyond the Brianna vs. Naomi battle airing tonight!

On to Jill, aka Jill Da’ Thrill.

Jill’s life since coming out and becoming more public with her new romance has been a whirlwind. I figured that her soon-to-be ex-husband would not fare well with the news, and I couldn’t believe he tried to include himself in the relationship. (Sidenote: I almost screamed with laughter when she came around the corner with her shotgun ready to go, only to discover it was her husband preparing his speech and bad rap.)

Jill, of course, squashed that fantasy and expressed deep devotion and love to her girlfriend Tina. Typically, he responded that he would never stop loving her. Something about his response didn’t seem final to me. I don’t think we have seen the last of him because his eyes seemed to tell a different story.

A scene teaser was released for tonight’s episode showcased Jill speaking to a representative with OUT magazine. During the scene, the interviewer insinuates that Jill is not sure of her desires. I’m hoping Jill boldly walks away from this person but with her alter ego being Da Thrill, I don’t know if she’s going to withstand the temptation of being desired so openly now. Fingers crossed that she is faithful, although she wasn’t faithful to her husband (insert skeptical shrug). Also, I wonder when she will introduce the girls to her love? I see this as a potential issue on the horizon, considering now the world knows she’s gay but doesn’t know much about her long-term relationship. I can see more press and an explosive claim in the near future with this one.

Let’s look at Ms. Valeria, aka Butter Pecan.

Last week we saw the basic premise of why the group disbanded. Valeria was shady, but she wasn’t alone. In both episodes, Valeria has been mentioned as a hustler due to her upbringing of surviving independently. I’m curious to see how her childhood will be integrated into the storyline because it will reveal some interesting patterns that she picked up that bled into her adult life. Valeria has also been exchanging small talk with Eric, the group’s manager, about how they owe the girls a better opportunity. This, of course, is layered with the fact that she and Eric had a relationship and affair blend on Naomi. Given her hustler ways and past, I feel like it’s about to catch up with her. I’ll mention more in my wrap-up. (Side note: I’m living for her sassiness and her savvy. She may be a little crooked, but she sure knows how to flip an opportunity.)

And now let’s talk about my girl Naomi, aka Xplicit Lyrics.

Chile. This storyline is pulled straight from the soaps! In episodes one and two, we have witnessed her evolution into her artistry, womanhood, and motherhood. Although she wasn’t the most excellent mother, I believe she’s had the best intentions when it came to her daughter and her wants. Before giving the girls a mini-freight about possibly not appearing on the reunion tour, Naomi’s life was rocked again by the confrontation of Cam questioning if he was JoJo’s father. (Side note: Talk about cliffhang!)

Naomi reconnected with Cam and also introduced Cam and JoJo during a small lunch gathering. Although Cam and JoJo displayed uncanny similarities, I think this was just clever writing to throw off the audience. I don’t believe Cam is JoJo’s dad because the writers would want to give us more drama than that. It’s almost too easy. But here’s where I think it’s going to get interesting. In tonight’s scene preview with Naomi, she and her daughter are seen leaving a venue (probably an event for JoJo) where JoJo pleads for her mother to give her any clues about her father. JoJo has decided to go on the journey for herself, and this, of course, rocks Naomi. During the scene, JoJo reveals that Naomi has claimed not to know who her father might be. Call me creatively crazy or reaching, but I don’t think she does. (Insert audience shock sound effect) It feels like this storyline is going to be more layered than what is being presented. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but to have either Eric or Cam as the father would be too lovely of a bow. (Side note: By the way, the editing on this show is chef’s kiss. The flashbacks to the present have been seamless)

Based on her expression, it appears that Naomi is trying to suppress a bad memory and has found a way to cope by saying that she doesn’t know. Hopefully, more revelation will happen tonight. I don’t think this is going to be wrapped in just one episode, though.

Lastly, I want to discuss the gunshot scene. I have my suspicions about this. Here are my speculations:

1.) It’s someone from Eric’s past coming for revenge based on his appearance when he met with the girls. Perhaps a person of interest he owes money or a former disgruntled client/partner.

2.) It could be someone from Valeria’s hustler days seeking revenge on a possible scheme that went wrong. Since she’s returned to the limelight, it has brought out some seedy people.

3.) I’m not ruling out Briana or Jill’s husbands. They both have a lot to lose, and I feel they would be desperate to keep it by any means necessary.

Well, we will see how it all goes down tonight! Be sure to tune in at 10/9c on ABC!

Courtesy of Queens Official YouTube Channel