Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (11/16/2021)

Well, it’s almost time for another riveting show! Last week’s episode of Queens was award nomination-worthy. The episode was full of surprises, triumphs, sorrows, and discoveries, from the emotional performances to the comedic moments. In the typical recap/prediction fashion, let’s break down each Queen and their highly complex storylines!

Let’s begin with the Queen of the Hour: Brianna.

Brianna had the daunting and emotional task of bearing the news of her husband’s passing to not only her girls but, most notably, her children. After processing the sudden death of Jeff, Brianna followed through with his last rights and prepared his homegoing services. However, she faced uncomfortable truths along the way: the reappearance of the mistress and her feelings about him despite his infidelity. 

At this point, I want to emphasize how beautifully written this storyline was. The level of maturity and grace that Brianna showed was nothing short of amazing! (Side note: I don’t know if I would have been able to sit with the mistress comfortably. The main factor of it being an unfair situation for the young woman considering her position would provide some review for grace, I guess.)

Brianna showcased realistic emotional responses given the conflicting situation of forgiving, sharing her feelings about his legacy, and now facing that she is a single mother to five children. Speaking of children, chile, the mistress is pregnant! It all made sense once the phone calls kept coming in and, of course, the unforgettable moment that happened at the end of the show. During the previews for this week’s show, Brianna and Alexis discuss the pregnancy and whether she will keep the child. I’m curious to see how this will go considering she’s young, and this would be a big undertaking for her. Perhaps, she might consider the idea of adoption since she is a young student and seems overwhelmed. Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be wild if Brianna suggests she adopts the child? (sips sweet tea and waits) 

As for Brianna, I don’t know how she’s going to pull through with this single mother life all of sudden, especially with the group’s emergence back on the music scene. I wonder if she will meet a new someone along the way as she works to rediscover herself and establish her new normal? Maybe Jeff’s family will get introduced into the mix. However, I know that the acting and moments from this character arc will continue to be remarkable! Speaking of remarkable, let’s get into the heart of gold that Valeria possesses. 

Valeria can be comforting, sassy, wise, and stylish at the same time. 

Each week Valeria draws back the layers to her complexity. Her sensitive side was refreshing to see this week. For starters, she presented valid points about Alexis knowing about Jeff’s passing while the others thought she should remain in the dark. 

And she eventually appealed to Naomi that she should inform JoJo of Eric being her father. After having a heated conversation with Eric about their past, it appeared that she was genuinely placing herself in JoJo’s shoes. Yet, after the warmness of this week, I fear the stoic Valeria will return. In this week’s preview, Valeria experiences a home invasion she believes is a possible stalker. The wheels started turning in my head; I have two possible theories:

  • It’s someone from her past that she hustled since we consistently hear about her hustling ways.
  • It’s a possible connection to her long-lost family that neither party is aware of.

The show’s writers have kept us on our toes, so at this point, anything is possible! Although home invasions are not usually rosy experiences, I’m hoping Valeria isn’t harmed. (Side note: I’m want to know more about her childhood and backstory. I’m hoping that we will get the opportunity to see some flashbacks during this season. Given the potentially stressful situations on the horizon in Valeria’s life, it could give way to repressed emotions reappearing.) Since we’re on the subject of home, I have to discuss this crumbling foundation that is Jill’s emotional home. 

This Is the House that Jill Built or whatever Queen Aretha Franklin sang 🙂 Jill seriously needs to get herself in check. This newfound sexual and identity freedom that she has been basking in is causing her to lose critical relationships. She’s going about this all wrong! I’m all for expression, but not at the expense of those that care about you. (Side note: Naturi’s voice was beautiful in this week’s song, along with the montage that played during the remarks scene. I won’t cap. My eyes started sweating.) 

Jill finally told the truth to Tina about her infidelity. Throughout the episode, we saw her consistently asking for help and guidance about coming clean. Also, kudos to Brianna! I was proud of her for setting Jill straight about cheating and honoring commitments. To think that she would give her a pass because she’s a part of her crew was a gross misjudgment on Jill’s part. In this week’s preview, Jill has shared that she is finally getting the spotlight she deserves. I have a feeling we are about to see her reach a new height. But will it mean compromising her group’s position as well as potential endeavors that might impact the group’s present rise? And was that the reporter/fling in the background acting as her new assistant?! Somebody call in the backup because this is about to get messy! And finally, let’s talk about the clean-up happening in Naomi’s neck of the woods. 

To be or not to be, The Father? That is the question.

The paternity discussion over 20 years in the making began last week in the oddest of circumstances. At the top of the episode, Eric inquires if JoJo is his child after approaching Naomi after hearing one of her older raps. JoJo, of course, begins running into conversations that quickly end because Naomi understandably wants to navigate how to tell JoJo. (Side note: Some powerful and beautiful exchanges happened between Naomi, JoJo, and Eric this past week. 

His moment with asking if she’d want to know about her dad was so sweet. However, I feel like the writers are setting me up to have my feelings crushed again. Let me explain.)

At the end of the show, during the beautiful tribute montage, JoJo, Naomi, and Eric are all sitting around the table holding hands. Although no words were exchanged between them, the emotion was audible. This week’s previews and social media sneak-peek show JoJo and Eric sharing conversation, so it appears that their relationship might blossom positively. 

But my mommy senses are tingling as to whether this happy-go-lucky moment will continue. The show’s producer posed a question about who the audience believed was shot during the season preview? Since Jeff is gone, that takes him out as a possible shooter. Lol As for who was shot, I’m still on the fence. Currently, I’m leaning toward it involving Eric because he appeared pretty beat up in the scene. But that could have been a convenient storyline deflection. But, if Eric was the intended target, I think the paternity revelation is going to be shaken up. Let’s say Eric is her father. If he were the target in the shooting or even possibly stepped in the way to block the intended target, that would affect their relationship because who’s to say that he survives. (I’m nervous but also excited to see what’s coming up. I’m now watching and listening to everything I think is a hidden clue. LOL) 

However, if he is the target and does survive, what happens if a paternity test is completed for full measure? Let’s say that the test shows that he wasn’t her dad after establishing some form of a relationship with JoJo? (Again, this is my assumption on the situation. He may not even be the target. After watching four episodes of this series and seeing the pattern of great curveballs, it could be a completely different person. But this is what makes it fun and keeps me waiting for more!) One final thing I want to bring up about this paternity situation is that the conversation with Cam never surfaced? He showed up at Naomi’s home and wanted answers! I wonder if their talk will be revisited a little later because he looked convinced that JoJo was likely his. 

Well, that’s it on my weekly recap and predictions! Check out Queens tonight on ABC at 10/9c! And stay tuned for more show recaps coming your way soon! I’m finally getting the opportunity to catch up on my programming!