Our Kind of People Show Recap: My Top 3 Scenes from Episode 7 (11/22/2021)

We’ve made it to Episode 7 in the series, and the show has served up the drama, sophistication, and fabulousness I thought would happen in Oak Bluffs. Due to student and mommy duties, I haven’t been able to stay up-to-date with this series as I’d hoped, but thank goodness I have Hulu now! After the World Series hiatus, Our Kind of People returned with two of the most riveting episodes of the series. From the familial forbidden romance to the coming into personality and experiences with the youth, the Franklin’s and Dupont’s have covered just about every corner of family drama there is. So since there would be too many details to cover since the season opener, I will share my top 3 scenes from Episode 7! Let’s get into it below!

Number 3: Nate/Angela Beach Ceremonial Scene

Our ancestors taught us that our spirituality resonates, not only in our hearts but also in the crowns of our heads.”

At this moment, Angela and Nate are seen on the beach behind a blazing fire set for the burning away of 17 years of Nate’s past. Before this beautifully filmed scene, Nate shares with Angela that he grew his locs as a form of rebellion against a system he felt he would be trapped in forever. After his release due to the words of Angela’s father, Nate finally has the opportunity to begin anew. As a personal request, he asked Angela to remove the locs. As she cut away 17 years of pain, shame, and overall frustration, Nate began to transform before our eyes.

Once she finished, they threw his freshly removed locs into the fire, signaling that his past was now a distant memory and that he could begin his future as his newly transformed self. Aside from the ceremonial aspect of this scene, the part that made this moment a top moment of mine was Nate’s statement at the end. He hands Angela his journal to pass along to Nikki to get to know him as a man and learn about the father that she hadn’t had the opportunity to know her entire life. 

Number 2: The Meeting of the Minds Scene

We will continue to work as we usually would.

Although it was a brief moment in the episode, it was an impactful one. All of the staff members who keep the operations of Teddy Franklin’s compound afloat met to discuss their strategies with the media, given his current health and emergency surgery. The leading staff member shared with her team that they would be taking all measures not to speak or engage with the press. This moment spoke volumes because it signified that everyone is aware of his desire to remain as physically sound and dominant as possible to protect his financial and investment legacy. However, it also indicates that everyone knows that he is presently standing on shaky ground.

Interestingly enough, this scene also served as another bridge between a more extensive story behind Tyrique’s father’s death. After he received the information needed, he decided to act upon it and go to Aunt Piggy. In typical fashion, she deflected the conversation, and at the end of the episode, we see her escaping off to Boston. I’m very interested in seeing how she is connected to this story because it is a defining moment that will rock the entire island. 

Number 1: Louis and Teddy Meet-Up

The truth is bound to come out.

Throughout the episode, Teddy and his deceased older brother Louis interact beyond the confines of the mortal and spiritual worlds. At the show open, Teddy and Louis are reacquainted at the beach, where he quickly realizes that his time is not done on Earth. Throughout the episode, Teddy loses and regains consciousness while facing the demons and deceptions of his past. Each moment from their interaction on the beach to being beside the father’s casket, was terrific.

But the moment at the end of the show where we see Louis appear with what seemed to be a gunshot wound in the middle of his head addressing his brother made me jump! I can’t wait to see how this moment is going to change Teddy moving forward. The secret is out about his Parkinson’s diagnosis, so he will have a lot of damage control to do. His world as he knew it is closing in on him, and now it looks like he’s going to reap all of the seeds he has sown throughout his younger years. As Louis’ spirit told him, “the truth is bound to come out.”

Episode 8, Sistervention, is scheduled to air next Tuesday after Thanksgiving! Make sure you tune into Our Kind of People, Tuesday nights 9/8c on Fox!

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