Partners in Rhyme: Check Out and Stream Season 1 Episodes Each Week on AllBlk

Now that one of TV’s most iconic and cultural shifting shows has come to an end, it’s time to find more television shows to watch and continue to support across the board. One of those shows next up is a new series to the AllBlk streaming service called Partners In Rhyme. The show features legendary hip-hop emcee MC Lyte as Lana Crawford, multi-talented actress Precious Way as Luscious T, radio and television host Rolonda Watts as Hazel, actress Cloie Wyatt Taylor as Vicky, and actors Wesley Johnathan as Boston, and Ron G as Mekhi. 

When Lana (Lyte) finds herself in a bind because of her loyal record label deciding to change directions, ultimately dropping her as an artist, she faces a new challenge in both the signaling of change in her life and a change in eras with the music industry she once thrived in. All of her problems seemingly appear to be eradicated once she makes the tough decision to rejoin the label in a new capacity and serve as her young niece’s Luscious T aka Taylor (Way) manager for her newly established career as an up-and-coming new-age rapper. 

So far, the streaming service has six of the thirteen produced Season 1 episodes available for viewing. Based on episodes 1-6, I recommend supporting this show and its overall vibe. It resembles your typical comedy show format, and the messages within the show are not overly complex. However, what I believe this show has developed in bridging the gap between generations and the differences that often occur is special. 

In addition, the show’s plot points are believable because of the connection to the music industry with MC Lyte and the wisdom that is spoken through her character Lana. In all, it’s a feel-good show that can be viewed with the family. After all, what’s better than watching a comedic show that has flair, modern takes as well as old-school charm.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the characters develop over the next few episodes. Several backstory plots have been introduced in the first six episodes that I can imagine will drive more character development and hopefully a season 2 streaming renewal! And while you’re catching up on the series, check out the music featured in the episodes with the music playlist powered by the app Deepr. New episodes of Partners In Rhyme are available to stream each Thursday exclusively on the AllBlk streaming service!