Final Queens Talk Post (5/10/2022)

So, if you didn’t know or already suspect, ABC announced last Friday that they would not proceed with Season 2 of #Queens. After the February Season finale, I never posted my final review because it felt like the show would not return, and I felt a certain way about it.

I, for one, was a faithful viewer of the show, and I will miss the storylines, hip-hop flair, and characters. But it was just so many things that helped seal the show’s fate of not returning for Season 2.

  1. The rushed plots/storylines. I am on the outside looking in, but I feel like midway into the mid-season finale, they told them it wouldn’t be returning. Everything went into warp speed from December forward and was practically wrapped up.
  2. The suspenseful almost killing of P-Sex. If we didn’t live in a world that based everything at first type or text on social media, this particular plot device might’ve worked. Although the character wasn’t killed off, many fans believed the potential killing based on social media chatter. And the episode preview being at the gravesite didn’t help either. At the end of the episode, she survived. Her family was on an island, just as her late husband told her to do in his posthumous video recording. But those who made up their minds not to continue dipped.
  3. The 4 million hiatuses! Okay. I’m exaggerating. But really. This show had one three-week hiatus in December. Then returned for 2 weeks in January. Took one more at the end of January and then, I believe, one additional break before the finale. #RedFlag
  4. The show’s airtime. I’m in the central time zone, but it was still 9pm. So east coast was viewing the show from 10pm-11pm. Not a good time slot for a brand new show. Even if it’d been pushed back to 8:30/9:30, it probably would’ve made a more considerable difference.
  5. The network. I think ABC was willing to give this show a chance, but they weren’t ready to commit. Let’s face it. ABC is known for a “certain” level and kind of entertainment. And besides, the network refuses to cancel Grey’s Anatomy, so that should tell you something. Lol

But in all, I LOVED the show, and the music shared from it. As I mentioned before, I would list my top moments of the series. NOTE: This is not in any order by rank.

  1. The Nasty Girl Video
  2. The Eric/Noami Proposal
  3. Jojo’s Rap Intro/ Piano Recital
  4. The Sexual Assault Survivor Storyline
  5. Valeria Against The Con-Mom

I’m going to miss my Tuesday night show, but I’m hopeful that each of the actors will work with each once more in the future!