WNBA’s Brittney Griner Convicted at Drug Trial in Russia and Sentenced to 9 Years — TIME

KHIMKI, Russia — U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner was convicted Thursday in Russia of drug possession and sentenced to nine years in prison following a politically charged trial that came amid soaring tensions between Moscow and Washington over Ukraine and could lead to a high-stakes prisoner exchange between the two world powers. The 31-year-old Griner,…WNBA’s Brittney... Continue Reading →

African Countries Push For Rich Nations to Help Continent’s Climate Transition Ahead of COP27 — TIME

(MOMBASA, Kenya) — African officials outlined their priorities for the upcoming U.N. climate summit, including a push to make heavily polluting rich nations compensate poor countries for the environmental damage done to them. The continent will also focus on how countries can adapt to global warming and how the continent can best halt further climate-related…African Countries... Continue Reading →

Luminary Actress Mary Alice of ‘A Different World’ and ‘Sparkle’ Dies — The Urban Daily

Source: ABC Photo Archives / Getty Legendary actress of the stage and screen, Mary Alice who is best known for her roles as Leticia “Lettie” Bostic on NBC‘s A Different World and as Effie Williams in the 1976 musical drama Sparkle, died Wednesday in New York City, according to the NYPD. Her age is disputed…Luminary Actress... Continue Reading →

Old Man by William Faulkner(Reflection) (2022)

In the short story Old Man, William Faulker employs community characteristics by brilliantly depicting the theme of return and craftily applying subtle inferences throughout the story. Specifically, Faulker explores various languages, patterns, customs, and traditions within the community context. Three prominent illustrations of community that follow along the storyline are the community of convicts, Black... Continue Reading →

St. Petersburg Strategy of Cultural Heritage Preservation (2022)

St. Petersburg, Russia, and its history in heritage preservation have undergone several changes, challenges, and progressions since the area was first founded during the 18th century. Under the creation and development from the mind of the historical figure Peter the Great, the Russian czar that led Russia into the modern era, St. Petersburg, Russia, currently... Continue Reading →

Islands of Heritage: Conservation and Transformation In Yemen (2022)

Peutz, Nathalie. (2018) Islands of Heritage: Conservation and Transformation in Yemen; Stanford University Press (Stanford, California) Notes, Appendix, References, Index, Pp. ix-286. When it comes to conservation efforts in cultural heritage work, the odds of sustaining specific cultural areas and their people's safety do not seem to be an issue that initially arises in the... Continue Reading →

Dallen Timothy Discussion: Cultural Heritage and Tourism (Chapter 5 and 16) (2022)

The central premise of this narrative focused on an issue that has had both a positive and negative impact on heritage tourism. In essence, chapters 5 and 16 in Dallen Timothy's book Cultural Heritage and Tourism focused on authenticity and accurate portrayal of tourism and historic sites. However, within the quest for authenticity, the issues... Continue Reading →

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