Final Queens Talk Post (5/10/2022)

So, if you didn’t know or already suspect, ABC announced last Friday that they would not proceed with Season 2 of #Queens. After the February Season finale, I never posted my final review because it felt like the show would not return, and I felt a certain way about it.

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Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (1/23/22)

Queens Family! We’ve made it to and through Episode 11, and I must say that I fall more in love with this show each week! So, let’s get right into the recap below without prolonging this chat!

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Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (1/16/22)

We’ve made it to episode ten of Queens, and all I can say is this was effortlessly one of the top three episodes of the season! After the season one finale, I will provide my top three episodes and why they deserve the top three spots later. But for now, let’s review and discuss this pivotal and poignant episode.

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Abbott Elementary: Episode 1 Review

In the spirit of catching up on prime time shows that I have missed or had to put on hold until after finals and final projects, I recently sat down and watched Abbott Elementary. The highly comedic cast includes Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle James, Chris Perfetti, and Lisa Ann Walter. I knew that the show would be funny, but I wasn’t ready for the hilarity that I witnessed. I believe that Abbott Elementary will go far, and I’m excited to see this season’s adventures between the students and teaching staff.

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Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (12/19/2021)

Queens Mid-Season Finale aired this past Tuesday, and there is a LOT to discuss! It’s Winter Break, and the semester is finally over! Did Queens pass the semester final? Let’s chat about it and assess if they understood the assignment?

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Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (12/10/2021)

Where do I begin! I think I’ve recovered enough to talk about the greatness that was this past week’s episode. So while I have a break in my finals, let’s talk about it below!

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Repost: Queens Talk: Recap/Prediction (11/24/2021)

Update: An all new episode of Queens airs tonight! Be sure to tune in and stream on HULU the next day! Check out the recap of the last episode below!

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