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  • True You: A Journey To Finding and Loving Yourself (Reflection) (3/15/2022)

    Since her documentary premiered earlier this year, I have enjoyed immensely rediscovering Janet Jackson’s musical and cultural contributions. Along with the rediscovery, I also decided to read the book that she released in 2011 called True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself.  11 years since appearing on the New York’s Best Sellers List, and […]

  • I Am Janet Jackson Documentary Review (2/3/2022)

    Since 1986, Janet Jackson has shown the world she’s in control, even if the events and people around her weren’t. Ultimately, from the documentary, it’s clear that Janet has successfully sustained being herself while growing and nurturing the iconic career and accolades she has amassed over the years. While several factors in her personal life […]